The process to your tailor-made software

Discover how we build systems to fit our client’s needs.

Business and Systems Analysis

We closely assess our client’s needs and develop a clear understanding of their business. From this we construct a list of technical deliverables which outline key performance indicators to ensure quality throughout the process. This phase is essential to ensuring stable and robust groundwork for your new system.


Requirements Gathering

Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we will begin collating both business and technical requirements to construct a strong framework that will help us build our system specification in the next phase. These requirements will outline some of the key features and functionality that will form the basis of your application, as well as the intended value each piece of functionality should provide.


System Specification

Here we capture all the complexities and detail to create an in-depth report that includes all the necessary requirements, the structure of the project and it’s dependencies, as well as the technologies that will be used and an overall explanation for each choice we make.


Development and Testing

In the initial phases of development, a prototype is built to demonstrate howthe application will function. Decisions on the user experience and design of the application follow. The system specification is referenced throughout the development processes. Unit, functional and automation tests are written for almost every part of the system to ensure the unlikelihood of issues later on.


Deployment with Technical Support

Once the system is built and all quality assurance is complete, the application is deployed and released, after which some final testing takes place. Once launched, we are readily available to provide ongoing technical support, including any further development that may be needed in the future.